Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to School

So, I have now returned to the hallowed halls of education for another semester of business-oriented continuing ed classes. I'm starting on the path to being a certified HR manager, which is probably the best fit for me in the business world if I ever get sick of doing customer service (sick of customer service? Say it ain't so!). In an ideal world I'd like to work in diversity management, but I'm discovering that I really like organisational behaviour topics as well, so we'll see.

This is my 2nd of 6 courses I need to complete for my certificate. The first was on Org behaviour, and while I really enjoyed the class and did well (A-, yay!) it was a bit of a slog in some areas. For me, the biggest hurtle is dealing with the vast differences in experience with my classmates. I've been working in an office environment for over 10 years, and have been working in the employment/staffing industry for 4, so I have some experience with the issues, but a good half my classmates have yet to even work their first jobs (some may not have started shaving yet), and last semester it would have been generous to say they were "naive".

This class looks like it will be better: I'm not the oldest in the class, for one thing. Also, there is a good mix of people from a variety of backgrounds, but also including people with HR backgrounds and experience. With luck, some of that experience will rub off on me.

I'm looking forward to learning new things - I've always done well in classroom-type environments - and gaining some more familiarity with how employment works. I'll be especially interested in the labour-relations segment, as some people have suggested I might do well in that field. And it's just really nice to be taking notes and learning stuff again; makes me wistfully daydream about one day returning to school full time.

I'm also hoping that class might provide grist for the blogging mill. I am experiencing a slow-down in my writing.

Last, I've added Queereka to my blog list. A project of Skepchick, it looks to be a bastion of rationalism for those of us interested in Queer issues. Check it out!

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