Friday, October 26, 2012

Moving and Changing

Today I'd like to announce that Zombunist is moving. I'll be joining the Banned Atheists Network, a network of bloggers who have (or will have, there are just two of us now) a wide range of interests but also happen to be atheists. You can find my new site here, though for the next little bit as I get used to the new format I'll be keeping both blogs active. I still plan to focus mostly on zombies, but as time goes on I hope to include more about being a psychology student, and to maybe hone my skills while writing about social justice issues.

My Drymarc blog here on blogger will stay unchanged, as I feel I'm part of a sort of community over there, and the subject matter tends to be more personal.

Thanks to all my readers here, and I hope you join me in my move.

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